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How did Ridge Runner Outdoors llc begin?

"One day as a boy standing on the edge of Skull Bones Creek in Cedar Hill Missouri I had just startled a baby deer that was nestled in the grass along a bend in the small seasonal creek.  The little deer cried out.  I will never forget the sound that it shrieked out in fear calling out to its mother.  The sound was very alarming and powerful.  I remember being so startled myself that I was in a fit of my own.  I was so scared I almost jumped right out of my shoes.  I wasnt looking where I was going and the poor little guy was sound asleep I almost stepped right on it.  Youve never seen anything move as fast as that little deer running down that creek.  My senses were awoken to the point where I instantly heard the mothers foot steps rumbling down the Ridge towards me.  I looked up and saw the mother doe staring me straight in the eyes from about 30 feet.  She saw that her baby had run away down the creek and rightly followed after her.  The sun was shinning down on me the smell of the radish crop was in the air.  I continued my walk up the ridge that I loved."

This is not an isolated story.  As a boy the owner of Ridge Runner Outdoors llc was lucky enough to be close to nature.  He walked those ridges and creeks during every month of the year.  He learned the language of the seasons and that is something thats still with him today and will stay with him forever.  All the rewards and benefits of being close to nature he has enjoyed.  Thats why At Ridge Runner Outdoor llc. We personally dedicate all of our power to helping people experience some of the same wonderful things we continue to enjoy today.  We love testing our products while we camp in nature.  The whole point of our brand is to inspire people to enjoy the simple side of life including our employees.  Camping, Relaxing, Outdoor Recreation, Fishing, Hunting, and Outdoor Sports are all a part of what we do here at Ridge Runner Outdoors.

Please enjoy our products and let us know what you think by giving us your honest feedback.  As always we consider YOU the customer to be our greatest source of direction as to which way we steer the future of our company and the direction we take our products.  

If you have any questions at all please call us (877)311-6911 We love to talk!

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We love to talk!
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